My “first post”? I cannot believe it!!

The NAKED truth is that I’ve been ‘posting ’till the cows came home’!!  

Not that I can tell anymore!

The cows grazed on the dyke / dike / dijk that we could look at from our windows, in the Burgemeester Gaarlandsingel 35 ( My address then! – until 1956) .

Just before migrating to Australia, in 1956, at a friend’s home, I was allowed to watch the THEN brand-new TV!!

Hasn’t technology gone ahead in leaps and bounds!!! ???

But – then again – THAT’s how it works!!!

As was explained to us, at a primary school teachers’ in-service course, in the Sutherland Shire (Sydney) a long time ago!!

Jo Mulholland was Joop Mul. IS Ozcloggie!!!



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